Sneha Reddy in – Renu Desai out

Posted on March 10, 2011


Few years back, Pawan Kalyan graced Kalyan Ram’s Wedding Reception along with his better half Renu Desai and blessed the young couple. Coming back to the present times, Pawan attended Allu Arjun’s Wedding and disappeared from the venue within no time. And most importantly Renu Desai was not in the frame, whether it may be the Allu Arjun’s Sangeet Ceremony or Wedding Ceremony. What’s the reason behind this? Only Pawan or Allu can answer this query!

All these developments were giving strength to the rumours of rift between Allu and Pawan. Right from the launch of PRP, difference of opinion mounted between Allu Aravind and Pawan Kalyan. The situation has turned worse with Allu Aravind selling party tickets and PRP’s Assembly Polls debacle. Though Chiru tried to sort out things, nothing worked in favor.

This is one reason behind Pawan skipping Allu Arjun’s Sangeet. Though Pawan initially thought of avoiding Allu Arjun’s wedding ceremony also, he later decided not to do that on the advise of Chiru, as this will give strength to the much hyped Allu-Pawan clash in Media circles.

According to the insiders talk, Pawan Kalyan is planning to move out from the Mega family, as Chiru is not willing to come out from the clutches of Allu Aravind. Well, Sneha Reddy comes into Mega Family – Renu Desai walks out of the same Family.

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